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  'G-CORE Longest' Measure related report
  User : gcore     Date : 07-05-31 08:34     Views : 5564    
Bae Sang Moon, won SK Telecom Open.

"I'm happy to win this match with my mother(his caddy)." A long-ball hitter Bae Sang Moon (21)
is much happier than ever.

He wasn't this much happy when he first won last year.
Because this time, his mother, Si Oak Hee(49) was in the course all the game long.

At GyonggiDo Icheon, on 27th, Bae Sang Moon won PGA of America Tour at BABSTAR golf course, 
SKTelecom Open(total prize 6hundred million). He scored 6Birdies, 1 Bogey, 5 under par 67stoke,
all together 271stroke, at the last day and won Aaron Baddeley(Australia) who won PGA of
America twice, and Kim Hyong Tae (30).

Bae Sang Moon awarded  a hundred and 20 million won and became in second place at
'Srixon Price Ranking", following Kim Kyong Tae (21). By winning "Wire to wire"  from the first day
which was held also as an Asian Tour like Makyung Open.

Bae Sang Moon is an outstanding long-ball hitter. Last year he got "The most long-ball
hitter Prize"  by recording average drive shot 293.4 yard.

His long -ball power is in 68th place according to 2006 PGA of America Tour record.

But considering that Korea's golf course distances are shorter than America,
maybe it will be possible enough to be in less than 30th place.

According to G-core' s measuring record, KPGA official drive shot distance measuring
enterprise, he shot 317 yard on 15 hole (par5, 560 yard) at last XCANVAS Open.

For his winning, young age golfers popularity has really spread out on Korean men's golf.

Kim Kyong Tae started winning twice this season, and last week Hong Soon Sang
(26, Sk Telecom) has followed this popularity.  And now Bae Sang Moon has won again.

But 'Super rookie' Kim Kyong Tae has played triple bogey this day at 12 hole (par4)
and ended up at 14th place.

Mrs. Si, Bae Sang Moon's mother, worked as a caddy of her son ever since he became
pro golfer.

Generally , it is fathers who works as a caddy like Kim Kyong Tae and other players.
So it's very suprising to see a mother, getting for fifties, as a caddy.
Mrs. Si said that "I know my son better than anyone else and he sometimes
has enexpected acts, so I am the only one for his caddy.

"He usually shots 8iron distance on 9iron distance , but it's difficult for him to have exact
club if I'm not there. "  explains Mrs. Si.

Mrs. Si scolds his son if he ruins his play  by playing aggressively. But it's goning to be
a little hard to see Mrs. Si and his son struggling with club.
Because Bae Sang Moon promised not to use bag if he wins this game with Mrs.Si.