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  [The Herald Business] With "Portable GPS Golf Range Finder", anyone can be 'Semipro'!!
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About ‘G-core' GPS distance.

Portable GPS golf range finder, informing Fairway, Green, Bunker, Hazard, etc.
location and distance information same as the real hole by voice has been showed.

SSIATECH(representative Jeong Gi Sung) CO.,LTD. reported on 19 that SSIATECH is going to
sell GPS golf range finder which informs the exact information of golf course to the user.

With G-core, user can discover the hole's location and distance without the help of caddy even
where you haven't played before. G-core recognizes golf course information automatically.
And shows the same map as the real golf course, such as the front, center, back
of Green's location through satellite but also the Fairway, Bunker, Hazard, Green, etc. through LCD monitor.
Because it informs you Hazard, Bunker distance exactly, it works as an private caddy.
You can download golf course information at SSIATECH internet homepage(www.ssiatech.com).

"G-core fits all the needs that customers want. It has various information and is portable.
Also we are going to add more functions to the product and develope it to
a portable multipurpose living supplies." said Jeong Gi Sung, representative of SSIATECH.

Meanwhile SSIATECH is planning to export North America such as USA, Canada
where there are no caddys and Southeast Asia, Europe, Japan golf courses
where there are many tourists.

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